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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to the Writers' Box online community.


This wiki is intended to be a space where the members of the Writers' Box group at Covenant College will be able to share their work with others and work on collaborative writing projects.


Just joined the community? First, read the Community Guidelines to see how collaboration and discussion are conducted here, then check out the WikiStyle and Naming Conventions pages for tips on creating and editing pages. You can use the SandBox to test out your wiki editing skills.


Want to join the community? Send an email to Evan Donovan at outofegypt [at] gmail.com, and he'll send you the password for editing. Even if you're not from Covenant, you can become a member if you submit a sample of your writing.


Recent Changes




Evan Donovan:


I was hoping that some people would have joined by now. Oh well, soon I think I'll add some more of my high school writings and poems published in the Thorn.




Evan Donovan:


Some more poems have been added since I last updated this page. However, not of all them are linked to my project page yet, and few of them are anywhere near completion. We have the ability to add comments to pages now, though, so I'll have to update the Community Guidelines. At least three people can comment on the discussion page of each work without having to mess with the markup of the page itself. This is a good thing, though on Thread Mode wiki pages the kind of free-flowing discussion that the lack of a structured comment system creates is a good thing. Anyway, still hoping someone will join me on this desert island. It gets lonely talking to myself sometimes.




Evan Donovan:


Revised the poems that I got critiqued on the PoetryFreeForAll (not that they're done though). Put up some of my own critical comments to the right of them. See if you agree or disagree (or have any suggestions for improvement), and leave your comments below. Well, time to go eat supper and then start reading the Lyrical Ballads.




Evan Donovan:


Added some collaborative projects to the SideBar, including the ones John suggested. Added some links to external sites that I thought were relevant or interesting (hopefully both) in some way.




Evan Donovan:


Moved the list of projects to my personal page, as they were getting pretty long. If other people join me here (as I hope they will), the SideBar would get unmanageable fairly quickly if they put links to all their poems on there. So I think that putting links to poems and other projects at the bottom of one's personal page is probably the best method to adopt.


Put up a new series of work, "From the Series x Statements on Art by x Artists", as well as a few other things. "x Statements" is what I'm most proud of, however. It may be a little difficult at points, and I'm not sure if the link structure is entirely the way I want it yet. It's a good start, I think, though. Let me know what you think on its discussion page.


Been figuring out some more interesting CSS effects I can do on the site to further my artistic and aesthetic purposes. I've had to use HTML to do some of them, though, so I'm not using pure WikiStyle anymore, which may make the site more difficult for others to modify. If anyone wants HTML lessons, however, I'd be happy to try to put something up, when I have time. (Essays and research take up a fair amount of time right now, of course.)


John, I took the liberty of modifying the style of your comment to make it look a little prettier on the page. If you look at the page's code, however, I think you can figure out what I did so you could duplicate it, though. But you don't have to; as long as people can type, I'd like them to offer their comments. I can always clean them up later.


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