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Spam Poetry


The concept: Take the random words that you find in a spam email and make a poem out of them, as long or as short as you want. You can change tenses, pluralization, or part of speech. It can be as coherent or incoherent as you want.


This is a fun writing warmup, I think, and it puts the New York school of poetry to shame.


Short of spam? (Lucky you.) Check out original blog post outlining this concept for a sample list. (And a title, if you want it.)




"Free Cable TV - No More Pay"


Toddling, the copperhead twitched

Striding, 'e broke across the Mekong delta

Glorious, adapted to the farsighted wilderness


The collard greens are cut tonight

Guaranteeing frost will pass

Christen'd are the ashes of the fallow fields


It is a heavenly electrolysis,

A grandstanding speech that grips

Binomial oppositions, tears

The menu of our deepest fears


To shreds, flexure extol

The muscularity of war

Thy cobra coils

Blackened out into the space


Of cruel words spit from crueler mouths

You faceless man, you reptile wretch

You catalyst of cataclysm, kept

By my watch from bleak despairing world


O get you westbound on a train

To where the shores are all sunk

And there is darkness in the grain

~ Evan Donovan


"Visions of Perestroika"


A herculean creed, Czechoslovakia -

Your concave riverbank cult atmosphere,

Your subtle hijack of starvation.


Spaniards advance your rangeland, sedate,

Like phosphorescent rhubarb chattel -

Subtle emporium lawmen.


The client flourishes a Winchester -

Dosimeters, codfish, acrimony.

This lovelorn coachman's whetstone's turning.


A somatic candlelight bobbie chase,

Spotlights on the hotel marble.

Aberrant doormen in the areaway.


Foppish, Heine drips, vitrifies

His deathbed acapella.

The bellboy brings tomatoes to your demise.


One last kiss, she toots her roadway bikini.

Bodies twist in Brownian motion,

Coronation of Levitical infamy.


A herculean creed, Czechoslovakia.

The nineteenth weld contrite,

Weeps my molecular amanuensis.

~ Evan Donovan

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