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Wikipedia Poetry


The concept (Evan Donovan): Write a short form poem, such as a haiku or cinquain (a poem in ballad form or a sonnet would be especially nice), describing, or at least inspired by, something found in a random page of Wikipedia.




Department of Internal Affairs

By Sarah Funke

Department of Internal â€˜fairs~

How many countries use thee!

And were I ere to justice flee

Thy long arm reacheth land and sea

From bitter steppes to warm Kiwi.

Thy bureaucratic brow in cares

Depressed and anciently it stares

At least from twenty-first century

Perspectives, which we must agree

Lack sometimes insight properties

That see the old as infancy~

Thy work is hardly started there.


And so to thee, I must come clean;

My ignorance was sharply keen

What realms do when the times are lean?

They organize and reconvene.

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