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From the Series x Statements on Art by x Artists (12.31.05, rev. 2.19.06)


Everything obeys the laws of

physics - milk spills, mountain topography,

coral and shells, all

could be described by rule,

the regular shapes of a higher mathematics.

If we knew the pattern, this would not seem so formless.

Music has a simpler logic -

12 tones in their relations can easily

be known. But scores exist on a

certain level of abstraction. One wonders

whether our symbology distances us from

the true meaning of the music. Sounds

are acts embedded within time; music is a drama.

The score is visually appealing,

but deceptive: it conceals the aspect role

of chance and individual genius in the

work's development within time.

Of course, from the transhuman perspective

of physics, there is no chance: there is only law.

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